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product designer
process designer

After 10+ years of experiences in shoe manufacture and running my two startups, making and selling shoes and other products online, I am now focussing on consulting and process design for small companies and startups.

Feel free to contanct me, looking forward to cooperate with you.

+420 771 146 560

Consulting and process design

Are you lost in your tasks ? Is there so much work that you do not see the end of it ? Lets go through your every day tasks. Task that drains your life energy, taks that you enjoy. Do you work in the team or are you alone ? Lets focus on optimizing your company processes to take the weight from your shoulders, start cooperating more with colegues and design the system that will lead you to happy and successful life.

Based in: Ostrava
Let`s meet: Anywhere / Online
Hour rate starts: 1200 CZK / 50 € 
Call at: +420 771 146 560
Contact me anytime: info@daveberg.cz

barefoot sandals

made by hand from
local natural leather

find out more on TARAsandals.com

Savana Classic
barefoot sandals

Cappuccino Classic
barefoot sandals

Chocolate Classic
barefoot sandals

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DIY templates 
make your own
barefoot sandals

DIY vegan kit 
make your own
barefoot sandals

DIY leather kit 
make your own
barefoot sandals

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Make your own barefoot shoes with our OH MY SHOES kit !

Design and make your own shoes. Through the shoe kit, you can experience the shoemaking craft from the comfort of your home.

Conscious kit of barefoot shoes,  packed with everyting you need its creation. It contains an illustrated printed manual and a link to a video manual. The package includes a barefoot sole, with prepared holes for hand sewing, a needle, thread and laces. Everything according to your own configuration thanks to the online configurator. The customer can place the foot in the sole and get an accurate and clear view of whether the selected size is the right one. During production, he can join the community of creators and consult and inspire.

I have been working on the kit project since 2019. During this time, I have already produced several versions of the functional concept. The aim is functionally and especially simply to provide the customer (pupils in schools, the general public, interest groups) the opportunity to make barefoot shoes that are functional and aesthetic (wide range of colors, the customer adapts the shoes to color) and educate him about the origin of materials and in craft and folk creativity.

I'm shoemaker

bespoke handmade
leather boots
barefoot & zero drop

The model of hiking boots has always been close to me, so I took great care of its development. I developed the design and construction of barefoot hiking boots with the intention of creating a durable shoe with a minimum of vulnerable elements and with a long lasting lifespan, with the possibility of repairing it (replacement of the sole, eyelets for lacing, stitches).

The shoe is made of one piece of leather from the American HORWEEN tannery wrapped around the entire foot and is sewn on inner site of the boot, where there is minimal contact with environmental influences. A single piece of leather also passes into the padded tongue, which is further adjusted in lenght.

When the foot moves, the shoes are twisting and turning, especially in the area of ​​the toe joints. Thanks to my solution, there are no seams, transitions or any material overlaps in these critical places.

Shoes and accessories on stock

All available shoes and accessories are listed on my Facebook page

Under the lacing, which is attached above the instep hooks for easy use, there is a padded, soft tongue which makes the contact of the shoe with the instep more pleasant. The eyelets are positioned behind the toe joints, so there is no irritation of the skin by the metal elements of the shoe.

The padding is also above the heel. It not only creates a pleasant environment around the Achilles heel, but also creates a borderline above the heel and keeps the shoes snug on the feet.

Laces and soles are available in various colors, as well as the leather from which the shoes are sewn. The boots contain crucial elements which are made from local leather of the Moravian tannery KUMO Jablunka. Linen cobbler yarn is used for hand sewing, which works in contact with water by sealing the holes for hand stitches. Linnen cobbler yarn is soaked and covered in beeswax and additional water protection (from natural waxes and oils) is applied after the shoe is finished.

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Czech Republic, Ostrava

Dílna: Fráni šrámka 1209/5, Ostrava, 70900
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